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Engineering and Construction Hardest-to-Fill Jobs

Recent data from Indeed has listed Engineering and Construction as the  Hardest-to-Fill Jobs. Engineering The demand for skilled professionals in various engineering disciplines far surpasses the available talent pool. From instrumentation engineers to resident engineers and design engineers, the struggle to find qualified candidates is evident. Instrumentation engineers, in particular, claim the top spot, with […]
29 January 2024
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Construction Activity Continues To Drop

In the latest report on construction activity, the sector faced its fourth consecutive monthly contraction in output. The Construction Total Activity Index, adjusted for seasonal variations, indicated a solid pace of decline, faster than that observed in September but less severe than the contractions experienced over the summer. A survey involving 150 construction firms revealed […]
13 November 2023
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Engineering & Construction Apprenticeships

Engineering & Construction Apprenticeships

The South East Regional Skills Forum and Engineering the South East hosted an Engineering & Construction Apprenticeships webinar highlighting the career opportunities available through apprenticeships in engineering-related disciplines. The webinar gave valuable insights from both employers and apprentices about the variety of apprentice opportunities currently available. Watch the webinar on Engineering & Construction Apprenticeships: Further […]
12 October 2021
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Regional Athletics Hub in Newcastle West

Construction to Start of €3 million Regional Athletics Hub in Newcastle West

Limerick City and County Council has appointed contractors Sole Sports & Leisure Limited to begin construction of a new Regional Athletics Hub in Newcastle West in the coming weeks. The new Regional Athletics Hub on the Cork Road in the town includes the construction of an athletics track to international World Athletics standard, floodlights and […]
22 December 2020
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