A Career in Construction

A Career in Construction
13 December 2022
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Are you interested in a career in Construction? The construction industry is a vital sector in the Irish economy and is a key employer across the country. After the challenges the industry faced during Covid, there are signs of strong recovery with many construction companies seeing an increase in revenues in 2022. As a result, many companies are actively recruiting and seeking to find people with the required skills.

According to government statistics, there are approximately 159,300 (full-time and part-time) construction sector employees in 2022, representing 6 percent of total employment. 

Are you considering a career in the industry? There are a range of different job types available throughout the sector, which in turn means there are many opportunities to get the right training and get a career in construction.

Maybe you want to work as a bricklayer or as a paver, or perhaps you’re looking to become an architect or an engineer, there’s even careers to be had in Construction Law. The construction industry is enormous and this is reflected in the number of different employment options available within the industry.

With the right training you won't find it difficult to find a career in construction. In fact at the moment the industry is crying out for worker with the right skills.

CIF, the Irish construction industry's representative body,  has reported that the industry is currently finding it difficult to source civil engineers and people with skills in ‘wet trades’ (bricklayers, painters and decorators, and plasterers). 

Also the industry is keen to put an emphasis on digitalisation and is encouraging training in that area in order to  implement modern methods of construction in the sector. Training is being put in place to provide the digital tools to workers  in order to address the skills and knowledge deficits that have existed within the sector and hampered it from engaging in digital adoption. There is massive growth and opportunity within this area of the industry going forward.

Upskilling is a critical priority and a range of training programmes are required to enable builders and construction workers to upskill and acquire new skills that make them more qualified for better jobs.

Engineers Ireland, who brings together engineers and engineering professionals in one of Ireland's biggest professional bodies, recently highlighted that there is a shortage of engineers in Ireland, saying that there is a need to produce more engineers through the higher education institutions. 

As investment continues to increase in the construction sector, it is essential that the necessary pipeline of skills is in place to produce the labourers and workers with the necessary building and construction skills required for the top jobs in the industry. 

If you are looking to pursue a career in the construction industry, Courses.ie has a diverse range of courses listed throughout Ireland. Whether you're eager to become an Engineer, Estimator or Electrician, there's plenty of study options for the sector on Courses.ie

And finally, you can meet leading employers in the construction and engineering sectors with job and career opportunities at the 2023 Construction Jobs Expo, which takes place on 13th May. Register here.

Construction Jobs Expo will attract a wide variety of attendees looking for new challenges or hoping to take a career in the construction sector to the next level. These will include carpenters, joiners, 15,200 electricians, 13,900 plasterers and tilers, 11,800 plumbers, 9,400 painters and decorators and bricklayers amongst others.



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