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Quality Inspection Made Easy through Digital

You can now watch a recording of the latest event in the Construction IT Alliance Technology (CitA) Trend Series, Quality Inspection Made Easy through Digital. CitA was established as a research project in DIT Bolton St. in association with Waterford IT in May 2001, with the vision of harnessing the potential of ICT in the […]
21 October 2022
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Build Digital Announced Awarded Funding

Build Digital Alliance Awarded Funding

The Build Digital Alliance, led by TU Dublin, has been awarded funding for their proposal which sets out plans to gather momentum in digital adoption in the construction sector in Ireland. The Build Digital grant project was established under Project Ireland 2040 to foster increasing levels of innovation in the Irish Construction Sector. Project Ireland 2040 needs […]
22 November 2021
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Build Digital Project

Build Digital Project for the Construction Sector in 2021

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath TD, has launched a competitive challenge-based grant call to deliver the Build Digital Project for the Construction Sector in 2021. Increasing innovation in the Irish Construction Sector is more necessary than ever over the coming years in order to deliver on the ambitions set out in […]
17 December 2020
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