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We caught up with JJ Rhatigan & Company at Construction Jobs Expo

Padraig Daly from JJ Rhatigan & Company gave us a couple minutes to go through the types of roles they were looking to fill at Construction Jobs Expo on Saturday […]
15 May 2019
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JJ Rhatigan jobs

The award-winning JJ Rhatigan & Company are returning to Croke Park this May for Construction Jobs Expo 2019

We're very excited to announce that JJ Rhatigan & Company are looking for skilled professional to join their team. Their recruitment team will be exhibiting at Construction Jobs Expo at […]
28 February 2019
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JJ Rhatigan construction jobs

Award winning construction company, JJ Rhatigan, join Construction Jobs Expo

We are delighted to announce that JJ Rhatigan & Company are on board for Construction Jobs Expo this autumn. The award winning company will be exhibiting, as well as recruiting […]
31 May 2018
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