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Construction Safety Week

Directors’ health and safety responsibilities

Construction Safety Week 2022

Construction Safety Week 2022 is a national awareness campaign aimed at promoting positive safety and health amongst Ireland’s 159,000+ construction workers, clients and industry stakeholders.  The goal is to generate engagement amongst CIF members and non-members alike, to further promote a culture of safety, health and wellbeing in construction. The week is an initiative of the […]
17 October 2022
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Construction Safety Week

Construction Safety Week 19 -23 October

This year is a challenging year for everyone in all walks of life. In a construction context, to add to the normal complexities of managing health and safety issues in 2020, there is now the added complication of managing Covid-19. While the danger posed by Covid-19 is always present, we must not lose sight of […]
2 October 2020
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