Job Seekers Rewarded at Construction Jobs Expo

20 May 2024
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The Construction Jobs Expo held on Saturday, 18th May 2024, at the RDS in Dublin drew a large crowd of job seekers, industry professionals, and construction enthusiasts.

The event, which offered free admission, is dedicated to showcasing the wide range of opportunities within the construction sector, featuring hundreds of job openings both locally and internationally.

Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail - Infrastructure Management sponsored the Construction Jobs Expo 2024.


Attendees and Exhibitors

The Expo attracted a diverse group of attendees, ranging from recent graduates and career changers to seasoned professionals looking to advance their careers.

Exhibitors represented a broad spectrum of the construction industry, providing attendees with opportunities to explore various career paths and engage directly with potential employers.

Cairn Homes, a leading Irish homebuilder known for constructing high-quality residential properties, focus on innovation, sustainability, and creating vibrant communities.

Centum Engineering offer a range of engineering services, specializing in electrical and instrumentation projects, delivering complex solutions across various industries.

Designer Group, an international engineering solutions provider, offer mechanical and electrical services across the commercial, industrial, and technology sectors.

Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail - Infrastructure Management oversee the maintenance and development of Ireland's railway infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient rail operations.

JMG Solutions provide recruitment and staffing services, specializing in placing skilled professionals in engineering, construction, and technical roles across various industries.

King & Moffatt, a multi-award-winning mechanical and electrical contractor, deliver comprehensive building services and solutions across multiple sectors in Ireland and Europe.

The Land Development Agency focus on the strategic development of public lands in Ireland, aiming to increase the supply of affordable housing and sustainable urban development.

Leo Lynch, a renowned engineering and contracting firm, provide mechanical, electrical, and process engineering services, known for its expertise in complex industrial projects.

Moving2Australia.com.au offer comprehensive relocation services and advice for individuals and families planning to move to Australia, specializing in job placement and settlement support.

Nightcourses.com, Ireland's leading online directory for part-time courses, evening classes, and adult education, help individuals enhance their skills and career prospects.

Pentacon Pty Ltd., an Irish-led, Australian-based construction company, deliver high-quality commercial and residential projects with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Recruit.ie, a premier recruitment agency in Ireland, connect job seekers with top employers across various industries, offering a wide range of staffing solutions.

Sensori FM provide comprehensive facilities management services, ensuring efficient and sustainable management of building operations and maintenance.

Skanstec Engineering Ltd. specialize in providing engineering and construction services, with a strong emphasis on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Suir Engineering, a leading provider of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation services, deliver high-quality engineering solutions for complex projects across various sectors.

TLI Group, a leading utility infrastructure consultancy and construction company, specialize in the design, build, and maintenance of essential utility networks.

Tyrone Group offer comprehensive construction services, including project management, design, and build solutions, renowned for delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Walls Construction is known for its expertise in delivering large-scale commercial, residential, and public infrastructure projects.

Ward Personnel, a leading recruitment agency, provide skilled labour and professional staff to the construction and engineering industries, ensuring clients received top-tier workforce solutions.

The Agenda Stage

The Agenda Stage was a focal point of the expo, featuring a series of engaging and informative talks by industry experts.

What Tech Jobs are Available within the Construction Sector?

Luke Treacy from Dublin CODING School highlighted the integration of technology in construction, emphasizing roles such as digital modeling, project management software, and innovative tech-driven solutions. Attendees learned about the growing demand for tech-savvy professionals in the industry.

Building the Lucky Country with Moving2Australia

Gearóid Considine from Moving2Australia.com.au provided insights into the construction boom in Australia, detailing the opportunities available for skilled workers and the benefits of working in the Australian construction industry.

Suir Academy Apprentice Training Programme

Christopher Lawless of Suir Engineering discussed the Suir Academy Apprentice Training Programme, highlighting its hands-on approach and the mentorship provided to apprentices. This session was particularly popular among young attendees looking to enter the industry.

Organizational Culture: Why it Matters in Your Job Search

Joel Dupont from Guidewire emphasized the importance of organizational culture in job satisfaction and career success. He provided practical advice on how to identify and align with a company’s culture during the job search process.

A Day in the Life at the LDA

Robert Farrell from the Land Development Agency gave an engaging overview of daily operations at the Land Development Agency, shedding light on the various projects and career opportunities available within the organization.

A Career in Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail Infrastructure: An Inclusive & Diverse Journey

Ann Spellacy from Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail - Infrastructure Management shared her experiences and the inclusive, diverse career paths available at Iarnród Éireann. Her talk inspired many to consider a career in rail infrastructure.

Leadership Development & Management Skills

Raquel Pinto, a career and leadership coach, provided valuable tips on developing leadership and management skills, essential for career advancement in the construction industry.

Careers in Construction: Tips on Starting & Progressing

Stephen Byrne from Change Guidance offered practical advice on entering and progressing in the construction industry, addressing common challenges and providing strategies for career growth.

Navigating Change. Where do I begin?

Pat Finnerty from Vocation Wellness discussed strategies for navigating career changes and adapting to new industry trends, providing attendees with tools to manage transitions effectively.

Mental Health in the Engineering / Construction Industry

Lorraine Cormack from Skanstec Engineering Ltd addressed the importance of mental health in the construction and engineering sectors, highlighting support systems and practices to promote well-being in the workplace.

Attendees praised the Expo for its comprehensive coverage of career opportunities and the quality of the seminars. Many found the event to be highly informative and inspiring, providing them with the knowledge and connections needed to advance their careers. Exhibitors reported a high level of engagement and expressed optimism about the potential hires they interacted with.

The Construction Jobs Expo continues to provide a valuable platform for job seekers and employers to connect and highlights the vibrant and growing opportunities within the construction industry, reinforcing its importance as a career destination.

The Construction Jobs Expo is organised by Jobs Expo, Ireland’s leading jobs and recruitment fairs. Its mission is to put skilled professionals directly in contact with leading employers from Ireland and abroad.

The next Jobs Expo careers fair will take place at UCC's Devere Hall in Cork on Saturday, 25th May, 2024.

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