Women Of The Future Workshop

28 November 2022
Est. Reading: 3 minutes

Women Of The Future Workshop is taking place on 9th December at W8 Centre Church Lane Manorhamilton. 11 am to 3 pm.

This workshop focuses on women in construction and introducing them with innovative technologies in construction, quarry and manufacturing.

Women Of The Future Workshop will consist of:

3D concrete printing-Introduction class to 3d concrete printing and how can it be used in construction with VR experience of 3d concrete printing.

Practical experience with Kuka robots.

In house introduction class for BIM and Blockchain health and safety.

There will be a well known note speaker .Its a good platform to network and learn about the upcoming innovative technologies in construction, quarry and manufacturing industry.

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Construction Jobs Expo will now take place in March 2023. Meet leading employers in the construction and engineering sectors with job and career opportunities.


Construction Jobs Expo will attract a wide variety of attendees looking for new challenges or hoping to take a career in the construction sector to the next level. These will include carpenters, joiners, 15,200 electricians, 13,900 plasterers and tillers, 11,800 plumbers, 9,400 painters and decorators and bricklayers amongst others.

With thousands of people set to attend the fair, Construction Jobs Expo will give employers in the construction sector a huge pool of prospective employees to choose from, making it quick and easy to find the right person for the right job.

Our events are aimed at putting skilled professionals in direct contact with employers with job vacancies both in Ireland and abroad.

If you’re a job-seeker looking for new opportunities,  register for our upcoming events.

If you’re an employer seeking to recruit new talented professionals, contact us on + 353 1 5311 280 or email: info@constructionjobsexpo.ie

Construction Jobs Expo is operated by Careers Unlimited, a wholly Irish-owned events and publishing company.

1. Meet Company Employees.

Many companies will send important staff members who have a say on hiring to job exhibitions, these employees are often difficult to reach through email.

2. Get Off The Computer.

Searching for jobs online isn’t the best way to make connections, however getting to meet people face to face will be an invaluable way to network.

3. Less Formal Interaction.

It’s all about being able to project your personality, that’s often difficult with a CV. At Construction Jobs Expo, you’ll be able to speak to potential employers in a less formal setting than an interview situation.

4. Building Self Confidence.

Meeting and talking to a substantial amount of prospective employers will improve your interaction and communication skills. The more people you chat to at Construction Jobs Expo, the more your self confidence will grow.

5. Practice & Perfect Your Elevator Pitch.

Everyone’ heard of the elevator pitch, you have 30 seconds to convey what you’re about and why you’ll be the perfect candidate for the job. Practicing your elevator pitch at Construction Jobs Expo, will help you develop and create a great first impression.

6. Get Instant Feedback.

Getting instant feedback from potential employers is key to improving your chances for employment. They can offer advice on your CV, on your communication skills and give advice on the best way to apply to jobs.

7. Contact Information.

Acquiring direct contact information with a future employer is essential. No longer will you be hoping that your CV, sent to a company’s generic email address, will be forwarded to the correct people.

8. What Skills Are In Demand.

At Construction Jobs Expo, you can discover what skills are being sought after in your industry and more importantly you can find out what skill-sets you can learn to improve your chances of employment.

9. New Opportunities.

Unearth information about areas that you haven’t previously considered, you may discover a company or job type that you have overlooked.

10. Knowledge Is Power.

Learning about the companies you’re applying to is crucial for landing a job. Meeting people face to face, building a rapport with employers, collecting brochures on the firms, will all add you when you have an interview with that company.

Construction Jobs Expo is free to attend, meet prospective employers and apply for jobs!

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