The Land Development Agency will be hiring on May 18th in the RDS

The Land Development Agency
1 May 2024
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We are excited to have The Land Development Agency exhibit, as well as recruit, at this year's Construction Jobs Expo 2024. You can meet their team between 10am and 4pm inside the RDS' Industries Hall on May 18th. You can register for FREE ADMISSION here.

About the LDA

The Land Development Agency is a commercial State body focused on increasing the
supply of high quality, affordable and sustainable homes on State owned and private land, through Direct Delivery projects and Project Tosaigh. The Agency is rapidly becoming one of the country’s largest home-builders, and is currently advancing 20 sites, including a number of which are under construction and will deliver homes this year.

The LDA’s Direct Delivery pipeline now involves more than 10,000 homes at various stages from public consultation to construction and the Agency is targeting the delivery of 14,000 homes by 2028, reaching a run rate of at least 2,000 new homes a year by then.

Project Tosaigh is a second delivery stream, enabling the LDA to partner with developers to complete stalled or unviable housing projects, and then make these homes available to renters or buyers. More than 1,000 households already rent or own a home delivered by the LDA through Project Tosaigh.

The organisation also acts as a key service provider to Local Authorities across Ireland,
assisting with master-planning, site appraisal and infrastructure provision, as well as the management of cost rental housing.

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