Sustainability Grand Tour

Sustainability Grand Tour
26 January 2021
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The Sustainability Grand Tour: The Future of Construction Product Certification & Innovation – A Suppliers Perspective from Roadstone.

The 'Sustainability Grand Tour’ is an online CPD seminar series organised by a number of Regions and Sectors within Engineers Ireland. In this session Dr William Wilson and Colin Doyle of Roadstone will examine the future of construction product certification and innovation for a sustainable future from a construction materials producers perspective. It takes place on 19:00 Wednesday, 27 January.

The free webinar will cover:

• The development and certification of EPDs – (Environmental Product Declarations)

• The role of construction products with schemes such as LEED & BREAM

• Certification & Innovative solutions to SUDs systems and Part L of the Building Regs

• Use of Recycled aggregates in Asphalt and Concrete products

• Further Research initiatives

• Overview of SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) products and projects.

About the Speakers

Dr William Wilson is a Concrete Technologist with Roadstone since 2017 having previously completed his PhD in the field of sustainable concrete development. William is involved with concrete R&D projects with a focus on sustainable construction products.

Colin Doyle BSc Eng MSc MSc Env (MIEI) is Product Development Engineer with Roadstone with over 20 years experience and provides technical support for customers in the area of Architectural Products. Colin is an Civil Engineer and recently completed a Masters in Environmental Engineering.

‘The Sustainability Grand Tour’ is an online CPD seminar series organised by a number of Regions and Sectors within Engineers Ireland. The seminar series will explore the role of the engineers in developing more sustainable cities and communities, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and present case study examples of leading sustainability engineering projects.  Lectures predominantly run each Wednesday evening during January, February and March, speakers from all over Ireland and internationally, will present on their work followed by a Q&A session with the audience, instigating a deeper discussion into the various topics. The seminar series aims to demonstrate how engineers can integrate sustainability concepts into their projects at all stages from design to end-of-life.

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