With over 30 years’ experience in the rail industry, Ann has amassed a vast range of knowledge across the infrastructure sector including Quality Management and specialising in Human Resource management.

Ann is a graduate of DCU Business School with a MBA Masters in Business Administration.

I FIRST WORKED with Suir Engineering as a 3rd Year Apprentice Electrician for a subcontractor on The Shires (now MSD) project in Dunboyne in 2018 and from the start I was aware that it was on a different level to what I had experienced up to that point, in terms of how they approach things on site and in the level of quality they aspire to. After about 3 months I moved over to Suir (the sub-contractor I worked for ceased trading) as a direct employee and finished out the final year of my apprenticeship working in MSD Swords, from the beginning of the fit-out, right through to the facility going live. The experience I gained on this site really raised my trade skills to a whole new level and that was down to the people I worked under, the lads I worked with and the structures that Suir Engineering put in place. I can honestly say I really enjoy working for Suir and I’ve made some lifelong friends along the way.

MY EXPERIENCE WORKING in construction is not the most conventional. I tried college for a year, Construction Studies, straight out of school but at 17 it didn’t really fit with my dreams of playing football professionally (reach for the stars and all that). I started serving my time shortly after that, about 19, but by then I was playing League of Ireland with Dundalk FC and it was always down on my list of priorities. After about 18 months and not being registered, something I didn’t really push very hard on, I parted ways with the company and focused solely on the football, working different jobs to supplement my income but due to injuries and loss of form, in 2004, I decided to travel and I worked in Australia as a General Labourer and in Boston, as an Electricians mate before returning to Ireland in late 2007, just in time for the recession. I tried to get back to my Apprenticeship, working domestic as a GO for an Electrical Contractor for a year but nobody wanted to take on Apprentices and so I left the industry for almost 10 years, until at the ripe old age of 34 decided it was now or never and took the leap, a 1st year Apprentice earning €240 a week, best decision I ever made.

I TOOK THE LONG WAY ROUND but for the 10 years I was away from the electrical work, there was always something in the back of my mind saying I had missed out, so when I made the decision to go back at 34, it wasn’t taken lightly, it’s hard to get by on €240 a week, living in Dublin and paying a mortgage, but with the support of my now wife, I knew I had to do it or the chance would be lost. I knew I wanted to be an Electrician, I love the work, love the challenge and the responsibility that comes with the job and I intend to bring that passion for the work to my role as Apprentice Mentor to give the next bunch of lads as good an education as I got in the trade.

I LOVE FOOTBALL and wish I was still able to play, so it’s a spectator sport for me now. WE ARE LEEDS!

NOW I SPEND MY SPARE TIME working on a bit of DIY around the house, golfing, or at least something vaguely resembling golf, a bit of reading if I can and a few pints with mates if I’m allowed. Happy wife, happy life.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE, I’m married to the lovely Roisin, 6 years there in January and we have two beautiful daughters, Julia who is almost 4 and Carla, who is halfway through the terrible 2'smonths, so life is pretty hectic but its great. I am back living in ‘D Town’ or Dundalk as its also known, and it’s great to be back in my hometown.

8 years or so in Dublin is long enough for anyone.

Robert Farrell, BSc Eng, MBA, Dip PM, Dip Con. Law, Chartered Engineer.

Robert is the Development Lead with the Land Development Agency having joined the Agency in May 2019.  He has 25 years industry experience across a wide breadth of roles in consulting, construction and development.  Robert is a Charted Engineer and a graduate of TU Dublin (BSc Eng).  He holds an MBA in business from UCD Smurfit School and also has post graduate qualifications in Project Management and Construction Law from TCD.

A Civil Engineer BEng at heart and MBS graduate from the University of Limerick Kemmy Business School with over 20 years of international project expertise in high-rise structures, bridges, metro rail stations, water infrastructure, and tunnelling projects. Gearóid has worked for major organisations such as TSA Management, Crown Group, Carillion UK, Morgan Sindall UK, Arcadis, and the Hong Kong MTR, in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, and Sydney.

As the Managing Director of BrightSide Consultants, Gearóid and the BrightSide teams create and build strong career opportunities for the best construction and engineering professionals across Australia and International markets.

Gearóid personally mentors, represents, and presents for career advancement opportunities the best and brightest construction and enginnering professionals, matching the right roles, projects, and companies at the right times, creating fruitful and lasting partnerships.

Gearóid is a Talent Acquisition Expert @ BrightSide Consultants and @Moving2Australia.com.au within the Building Construction, Civil & Transport Engineering, Renewable Energy, High Voltage Electricity and Mining Infrastructure on major projects throughout Australia, Ireland, The UK, Middle East and North America.

At this Expo Gearóid and his team have travelled from Australia to showcase the best of what down under can offer in terms working on major career defining projects and a new life down under.

Lorraine Cormack is the Lead Mental Health First Aider and Training Coordinator at Skanstec Engineering.

With a robust background spanning six years in the industry, Lorraine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position.

In her role as Lead Mental Health First Aider, Lorraine is committed to promoting mental well-being in the workplace.

Along with the other MHFA representatives on the team, she plays a pivotal role in fostering a supportive and understanding environment where employees feel empowered to prioritise their mental health.

Through her compassionate approach, Lorraine equips her colleagues with the skills and resources needed to navigate mental health challenges effectively.


Stephen Byrne, BA (Hons) Psychology, Pg Dip Adult Guidance & counselling, delivering career advice and exploring career research with CareersPortal. In Change Guidance, Stephen supports peoples readiness, willingness, and ability to change as a Career Adviser. Providing one-to-one online coaching to those looking to develop in career and approach their change with confidence. Change can be in belief, attitude, skills, approach or situation.

Across the 33 sectors in Ireland's labour market, jobs, job seeking requirements are in ongoing development and change. Your values during your career will change. Your proximity to readiness will change. Approaching change and developing readiness to change in your career journey, are key skills to continue to grow toward your goals. These goals may require pathways in education, training, and employment.

Stephen has over 15 years’ experience in supporting change.  He is passionate about helping people to find the right career path and supporting growth towards being ready to change. Stephen is also professionally trained in guiding people in the technical aspects of career development such as; Job searching strategies, CV development, interview techniques and goal setting.

Stephen uses a change development & life skills approach.  This takes the positive focus of building on the persons existing strengths, skills, intelligence, knowledge and experience and how these can be used as a step for further development.

Stephen helps encourage people to reflect their beliefs and attitudes to develop a positive mindset to possibilities available and consider potential changes.  Stephen then supports people in a meaningful, practical process to start moving step by step towards achieving their life goals.


Are you a mid-level manager looking to accelerate your career, or discover greater fulfillment in your professional journey?

As a distinguished career architect with over a decade of expertise, I specialise in sculpting success stories and transforming career aspirations into tangible achievements.

With a proven track record of guiding individuals towards their professional pinnacles, I am your seasoned partner in navigating the intricacies of the corporate landscape and realising your ambitions with strategic precision.

Joel Dupont has led teams and multimillion projects for more than 15 years in blue chip organizations in Europe and Australia. He is a Senior Project Manager at Guidewire. Having worked with multiple and diverse teams, he has learned what makes teams and businesses high performing and exceptional. He believes the soul of a business is its culture. That is the one thing that will make or break a business long term and it all starts and ends at the door of the organization, it all starts and ends with the hiring process.

Joel can be reached at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dupontjoel/

Personal & professional development planning

Find out what you really should be doing in your career. There are techniques, exercises and tests based on Big 5 personality inventory, positive psychology and some reflective writing helping you create a personal vision and Mission statement from which you can begin the next chapter of your life.

Pat Finnerty is a psychological coach whose aim is to help people find fulfilment in their careers and all other aspects of their lives, by focusing on their personalities and interests. Pat graduated in Hotel Management in 1998. Since then, he has carved out a successful career in Hospitality, Retail, sales and is also a business owner. He has developed business acumen and has gathered a wealth of experience in team leadership and management. He believes in approaching transformation from an empathetic standpoint and is comfortable making connections in the boardroom or the outhouse.

His interest in personal and professional development stems from his interpersonal observations throughout his own career and personal life. This prompted him to pursue his interest in people and led him to follow academic study as a mature student. He now holds qualifications in Psychology, Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship and Training design, delivery & evaluation. His Areas of specialist interest are in Positive Psychology, Personality Psychology and Neuroscience.

Pat’s methodology is ideally suited to guiding people in the right direction in beginning their careers, finding meaning in their current careers, seeking advancement, changing job/career or returning to the workplace.

Interview with TLC: https://www.yvonnereddin.com/interview-with-pat-finnerty-2/

Luke Treacy is the General Manager of the Dublin CODING School, a new tech-education business currently based in Dun Laoghaire.

Luke is an experienced executive in technology, media and digital publishing having previously served as CEO/Managing Director of two businesses in the UK and two in Ireland including an AI/IoT focused research business.

Luke holds an MBA from Imperial College London and has previously studied Artificial Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Digital Strategies at the University of Oxford.

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Stay up to date with the latest from Construction Jobs Expo

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