Skills to Compete - Welding/fabrication

Skills to Compete - Welding/fabrication
16 January 2023
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The Skills to Compete - Welding/fabrication course will provide trainees with the skills and related knowledge in fabrication - basic skills, manual metal arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, MIG welding and to develop their attitudes, personal effectiveness and job seeking skills which will enable them to obtain employment as welders/fabricators.

The course takes place on DDLETB Tallaght Training Centre
Tallaght Training Centre
Cookstown Road
Cookstown Industrial Estate

Start Date 20/02/2023
End Date 28/07/2023
Duration 23 Weeks

Skills to Compete - Welding/fabrication


  • Education: Junior Certificate or equivalent. Mature students welcome
  • Aptitude: An interest in welding
  • Previous Experience: Industry experience desirable but not essential



Title Award Awarding Body
Aluminium TIG Weld in 3mm Plate Aluminium Fillet Weld (EN9606-AL01) Approved EN Certifying Body
Manual Metal Arc Welding MMA Fillet Weld (EN287-1 CS01) Approved EN Certifying Body
Manual Metal Arc Welding MMA Fillet Weld (EN9606-1CS01) Approved EN Certifying Body
TIG Stainless Steel Weld (TIG) Stainless Steel Weld (EN9606-1SS01) Approved EN Certifying Body
C&G - Platework Fabrication of Materials Platework Fabrication of Materials (2850-313) City & Guilds
Metal Inert Gas (MIG) / Metal Active Gas (MAG) Oxy-Acetylene Weld (EN9606-1CS11) Approved EN Certifying Body
M.I.G. Welding MIG/MAG Weld (EN287-1 CS10) Approved EN Certifying Body
M.I.G. Welding MIG/MAG Weld (EN9606-1CS10) Approved EN Certifying Body

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