STEPS Engineering Your Future - TY programme

STEPS Engineering Your Future - TY programme
31 January 2022
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Are you a male or female TY student and interested in a career in Engineering? STEPS Engineering your Future programme is an engineering programme that will give you a hands-on, fun and practical insight into engineering at third level and as a career.

STEPS Engineering Your Future (STEPS EYF) is designed to inspire Transition Year students to study engineering.

STEPS EYF is an engineering experience programme that gives Transition Year students a hands-on, fun and practical insight into engineering at third level and as a career.

During the programme, which is run over three to five days, students attend interactive talks and presentations; get hands-on experience with group-based activities; visit local industry and meet engineers at various stages in their careers. STEPS EYF is coordinated by the Engineers Ireland STEPS programme and is hosted by third-level institutes and industry around Ireland.

STEPS Engineering your Future

Watch the video below to find out more about STEPS EYF


Construction Jobs Expo is an excellent opportunity to meet employers face-to-face, make great industry connections and attend innovative seminars. The event establishes a more informal setting, where you can talk to employers in a more relaxed environment. In addition to meeting employers, there are industry talks from career professionals taking place throughout the day on the Agenda Stage.


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