Increasing number of professional jobs available in Ireland

professional jobs
14 June 2017
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There is good and bad news for people who are in professional jobs, or looking for one. The latest Morgan McKinley Ireland Employment monitor shows that professional job vacancies increased 15 percent in May 2017.

However, there was also an increase in the number of people seeking new professional roles. This figure was up by 16 percent compared to May.

Financial services firm hiring slowly

The Morgan McKinley monitor tracks the number of new job vacancies and new candidates in Ireland each month.

The monitor also found that a number of financial services companies are not ready to commit to large recruitment plans, despite Brexit. As a result, they are filling positions as demand increases instead of pre-emptively hiring in large numbers.

There is strong demand for recently qualified accountants and tax consultants. In addition, Morgan McKinley posits that increased merger and acquisition activity is likely as accountancy firms scale to capture more market share.

ICT sector strong

Ireland’s ICT sector remains strong. There is high demand for both permanent and contract candidates. Furthermore, Brexit has resulted in a steady influx of candidates in the contract ICT sector. These candidates are moving from the UK to Ireland in search of more market certainty.

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