Free Online Health and Safety Course for Contractors

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4 July 2018
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Health and Safety Authority Training

Safety in the workplace is paramount, which is why the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has just launched a free on-line safety course. The short training programme is titled ‘An Introduction to Construction Safety for Small Contractors and the Self-Employed’. Developed by the HSA with the support of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), this course provides pertinent information for small construction contractors and raises awareness of the importance of occupational safety, health and welfare in construction.

Safety Training: Free of Charge

The 30-minute safety course is completely free and can be accessed through the Authority’s e-learning portal, www.hsalearning.ie. Mainly, this course is designed for small contractors and the self-employed; however, the content also benefits employers and employees working in the construction sector, key duty holders, or those employing small contractors.

Course Content

Upon completion, learners will be able to:

    • identify key duties under health and safety legislation
    • recognise key hazards and risks in construction
    • understand the consequences of unsafe work practices
    • source relevant information on construction health and safety, including the Safety Statement

Contractor Training Benefits

Presently, HSA research shows that smaller contractors are over 3 times more likely to have fatal accidents than larger organisations. This course ultimately offers learners an insight into the requirements of the Construction Regulations and practical safety and health on site. It mainly highlights key hazards in the sector and is a useful resource, particularly for small contractors and sole traders. Learners can take courses in their own time, and at their own pace. When learners finish the course, a certificate of completion will be available for them if they pass a short assessment.

Implementation: Safety in the Workplace

It's important that managers, tutors, and employers note that this e-course can be delivered to a group of learners using the management facility. Therefore it's possible to register groups of learners to take the course in their own time and remotely monitor their progress.
Contractors seeking to develop a safety statement and/or conduct a risk assessment can do so through the Authority’s free online tool: BeSMART.ie. Tailored for a range of sectors including construction, the site guides users through a simple and straightforward risk assessment process.

To see the full range of HSA on-line courses on offer, or register as a learner visit www.hsalearning.ie.


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