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Skanstec hiring in 2024

Skanstec is a specialist engineering company in the Energy & Telecommunications Sectors, we design, build and commission critical infrastructure in Power Grids & Communication Networks. We are a single-source solution to the end client by having the capability to deliver and manage the full life cycle of a project in both sectors.

For large energy demand customers such as data centres or advanced manufacturing facilities, we bring power from the grid to the point of use. For generation or renewable energy customers such as Solar and Wind Developers we work in reverse, we bring power from the point of generation onto the power grid network.

In the telecommunications sector we focus on, fixed and mobile networks, such as fibre and 5G technology integration for large multinational global customers.

Our highly experienced engineering team deliver a vast range of services in the energy and telecommunications sector across the European market, and we have a proven track record in engineering solutions and project delivery.

We mitigate risks and reduce costs for clients by taking ownership in engaging with stakeholders, managing project schedules, and value engineering to enhance solutions whilst maintaining industry standards.

Our main market segments include turnkey projects, power substations, grid connections, power generation, temporary power solutions, fixed and mobile telecommunication networks along with maintenance & asset management.

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