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Engineering Graduate Jobs Expo Ireland
14 August 2018
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Are you presently studying engineering? Perhaps you’re a recent graduate in search of a job. Either way, you are certainly hot property when it comes to the construction industry. This area of business continues to expand along with the economy, and now, there are more opportunities for engineering graduate jobs than at any point in the last decade. According to Grad Ireland’s research, engineering accounts for almost 10% of all graduate jobs and someone starting in the industry can expect a salary in the region of €27,289. Not too shabby at all.

Engineering Graduate Jobs: The Early Bird Gets the Worm

If you’re a year or two away from holding that degree, now’s the perfect time to start prepping that CV. Have your work experience lined up for summer breaks. Find the job or company you want to work for when you graduate, and tailor your thesis to what they specialise in. Grab those guest lecturers for a coffee and ask them for advice. Milk every contact you have. A great career is the result of a strong network. Be ahead of the game so you can hit the ground running.

Experience is Key

Honesty is the very best policy when it comes to relating your skill level or experience in any job application. The last thing you need is to land the job of your dreams only to be overwhelmed – and, in the worst case scenario, fired. Give yourself the chance to comfortably ramp up. If a job is above your skill level it might not be for you just now. Your training has prepared you for a lot, but there are always those little surprises and glitches that can catch you off guard. Most importantly, never be afraid to ask someone for help on the job. Even people at the very top of the chain had to start somewhere.

Communication Skills

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it definitely wasn’t built by one person on their tod. Engineering, no matter what your focus, is a team endeavour, and the most successful people in the industry can listen and communicate, can lead and can follow. Communication is a skill, the same as any technical knowledge related to your role. If this is an area that needs work, try a self-development or NLP course. This could be exactly what you need to get that promotion or land you that competitive position.

Do Your Research

Whether you want to work in Dublin, or further afield, it’s imperative that you do your homework before accepting any role. Know exactly what you’ve signed up for when it comes to companies, job requirements or even places you might have to relocate to. If this is a place you will have to spend the next few years of your life, a recce is in order. Yes, it’s important that you find something that challenges you professionally, but company culture is as important as the job you’ll be doing.

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