Construction Commencement Figures Show Mixed Trends in June

Construction Commencement Figures Show Mixed Trends in June
24 July 2023
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RTE has reported that  the number of new homes that commenced construction in June was 16% down compared to the previous month. However, on a positive note, when compared to June of the previous year, the number of commencement notices lodged for residential properties rose by 25%.

In June, construction work began on a total of 2,574 new homes across the country, a decrease from May's figure of 3,059, but a notable improvement from the 2,060 commencements recorded in the same month last year.

Year-to-date data shows a promising trend, with a record 15,561 commencements so far this year, marking a substantial 10% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This upswing highlights the continued growth in the residential construction sector and reflects the highest numbers seen since data collection began in 2015.

Delving into regional specifics, the Dun-Laoghaire Rathdown area in Dublin registered the highest number of residential construction starts in June, with 298 new developments commenced. However, Dublin City takes the lead when considering the cumulative commencements so far this year, recording a substantial 2,767 construction starts.

Notably, a significant portion of the total commencements this year, standing at 6,324, has been concentrated in the areas of the four Dublin local authorities. Additionally, 9,166 commencements have been lodged for developments within the greater Dublin area, encompassing all the Dublin local authorities and the mid-east region.

Out of the June total, 466 commencements were attributed to one-off units, contributing to a total of 2,297 one-off units for the year-to-date.

While June saw a slight dip in new home commencements compared to the previous month, the overall year-to-date performance indicates a positive trajectory for the construction industry. As the demand for housing continues to grow, these figures demonstrate a resilient and dynamic sector, underlining the potential for further developments in the months ahead.


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