CIF Industry Outlook Forum

CIF Industry Outlook Forum
19 January 2021
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The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) 2021 Construction Industry Outlook Forum will take place online on 28th January 2021.

Entitled 'Looking ahead to 2021 – Building the next normal', the webinar will host a series of panel discussions with the CIF’s directors and key industry players, exploring such topics as:

  • What 2021 will look like for the construction industry
  • Key policy areas
  • Safety and Skills Outlook 2021
  • Specialist Contracting and Innovation
  • Housing and Development
  • Contracting, Tendering and Procurement 2021


2020 was a hugely challenging year for the construction industry and its impact will be felt throughout 2021.

Despite this, the industry will be under significant pressure to deliver over 20,000 homes, €10 billion in infrastructure, and over €26 billion in output. This will be against the backdrop of increased industrial relations and political pressure for the industry to increase innovation, take significant steps towards greening construction and, of course, navigating Brexit. In all, 2021 will be a defining year for the industry; both surviving and thriving will push construction companies well outside normal operating conditions.

Like many other industries in Ireland and around the world, the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused the construction sector to witness a decline. With tremendous pressure on global supply chains, legal implications, new health and safety regulations for construction sites and much more, it has never been more important for the industry to rally together and look for solutions to overcome some of the biggest challenges it has ever faced.

So what can you do? Arm yourself with as much business intelligence as possible. The CIF is hosting its annual Construction Industry Outlook Forum for 2021, which will be broadcast in a virtual conference environment. The event will feature the CIF’s directors, all leading experts in their fields, as well as key industry players to provide their insight into what 2021 will look like for the construction industry. A series of panel discussions focusing on key policy areas will generate energetic, informative and insightful discussions.

While the fall-out from the effects of the pandemic is far from clear and no-one can predict its full impact, many experts agree that COVID-19 will have long-term implications for many aspects of the construction industry. However, is it possible to consider this crisis from another perspective and find opportunities for our industry to learn, develop new ways of working and prepare for the long-term?


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