CIF Design Challenge 2020: Design A Home for Everyone

Design A Home
4 January 2021
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

Could you design a home for everyone?

Look around where you live: the construction industry has designed and built everything you see. Your school, the roads you travel, hospitals, the streets and shops of your town. Even your home was designed and built by people working in the construction industry.

Today, Ireland faces challenges: a housing shortage, climate change, Covid and building inclusive communities.

The Construction Industry Federation invites you to participate in designing ‘A Home for Everyone’. The winning team will present their home design to the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), the Minister for Housing and others and win prizes for their school and themselves.

The Challenge

Before accepting the challenge to design a ‘Home for Everyone’ consider the following as a team



Could your house be built easily, quickly and in large numbers?


Will your house be climate-friendly?


Can differently-abled, elderly, diverse types of people live in your house?


How does your home add to your community?


How does your home add to your community?


How might technology aid the people who live in your house?

Competition Information

This years competition runs from 5th October 2020 – 1st March 2021

1. Describe your construction project team and their role and responsibilities

2. Create a bubble diagram that meets the design brief

  • Produce bubble diagrams to identify and develop spaces
  • Explain and justify your decisions in terms of key spaces/rooms/zones

3. Create a series of drawings conveying the final proposal, including a site plan, elevations and floor plans

  • Produce a series of drawings that clearly present the design
  • Make sure your drawings are accurate and to a suitable scale
  • Include key building dimensions

4. Develop a digital or physical scale model

  • Use an appropriate software to produce a digital model
  • Use classroom or materials from home to create a physical model Ensure your model is to scale and in proportion

5. Produce a written project report

  • Produce a clear and concise report that describes your design and how you have met considerations and criteria – maximum 6 A4 sides
  • Use appropriate language and content
  • Deliver your report professionally

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