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Work Permits Ireland

Work Permits Ireland

Work Permits Ireland, was established in July 2018 to effectively manage employment permit applications for a variety of industries and clients, nationally and internationally. Work Permits Ireland have a dedicated staff who have experience in processing, managing and delivering all types of employment permits issued by the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment.

We provide advice and practical assistance on immigration laws and procedures relative to employment and subsequent residence permission applicable in each case.

We understand that the process is perceived as complex and difficult, so we will work with the employer and the employee to make sure all the relevant documents and supporting information is in line with the employment permit regulations.

We can assist with applications and document verification for all types of visas and immigration registrations in Ireland.

We provide a confidential service to our clients and combined we will help, advise and assist our clients in every way possible to process all applications for legal status in Ireland a success.

We have quite a large clientele base of approximately 500 clients annually.

We work in partnership with the following organisations:

Restaurant Association of Ireland.Construction Industry Federation.

Irish Road Haulage Association, The Irish Hotels Federation, Coach Tourism & Transport Council.

We represent clients across various other industries

Information Technology, Animated Movie Production, Movie Productions, Advertising, Entertainment ,Music industry, Fashion, Financial institutions, Medical , Manufacturing, Retail, Shipping.

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